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Colored Pencil PLAY DATE
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Information about our Teachers

I have gathered together 15 leading colored pencil designers. They have made my dream come true by being a huge part of my incredible team. I can't thank them enough and know you are going to love what they have to offer. Sit back, enjoy their varied techniques and styles, and have fun getting to know each and every one of them on this creative artistic journey.

Here is the amazing list for our first Colored Pencil Play Date, you won't believe it!

Sharon Carlson, Jeanne Downing, Bonnie Frederico, Chris Haughey, Anne Hunter, Erika Joanne, Angela Kennedy, Pat Lentine, Amy Mogish, Cindy Ohama, Tina Price White, Theresa Prokop, Golda Rader, Lydia Steeves, Kathy Swigon and myself.

Sharon Carlson, CDA  

40 years ago I found decorative painting and began this awesome journey. I started teaching about a year later, sometimes just staying ahead of the students, mostly in oils and later in watercolor. It has been wonderful.
   In 2004 I discovered colored pencils in a Kelly Hoernig class at the SDP Conference in Phoenix, AZ. I fell in love! The medium was just perfect. It brings back all those great childhood memories of coloring books and crayons only so much better! It’s a medium that’s growing and changing every day.

   About 6 years ago I began designing after retiring from the IT department of our local police and fire departments. Teaching is the real driving force behind my design packets. I have taught colored pencils at our local chapters in the Phoenix and Prescott area and at three SDP Conferences.

Flowers are my favorite subject to paint, but everything and anything is possible!

email:  [email protected]

Jeanne Downing,

While attending Colorado State University, Jeanne majored in fashion and design. In addition, she studied art and drawing. It was there that she was introduced to painting in oils. Years later, she discovered decorative painting, designing and painting functional and decorative pieces for home. Jeanne also designs and develops websites which has naturally led her into digital art and design. She is now integrating her traditional art work with the digital world.

   She has authored six oil painting books, and has authored and produced multiple art technique DVDs, and DVD tutorials for artists wishing to learn how to use art software. Jeanne continues to teach both workshops and online classes on art techniques, and using technology as an art tool.

Contact Jeanne by email at [email protected]

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Bonnie Frederico,

Born and raised in a small New England Town, my designs are influenced by the simple beauty of things around me. It might be a bird, bottle, shell, flowers, fruit, etc., shown either alone or in interesting combinations.

   Starting as a Decorative Painter in oils, watercolors and acrylics, I was later introduced to the beauty and portability of colored pencils. I loved the the rich colors that I could achieve by layering. My background in watercolors helped me to do this in a logical manner.

   Every pencil artist has their own techniques, I strive for realism by building my values and colors, then blending with appropriate tools. My husband one night said of a current project I was working on “I thought you were going to use the colored pencils I just gave you.” He was surprised when I explained that yes I had used my Prismacolor pencils, and they looked just like oils. 

Please look for me on Facebook, web site,
or send questions to me at [email protected]


Andy Taylor and Bewitched are the two TV shows I recall from my childhood.  With only three stations to select on our black and white TV, I spent most of my time creating wonderful worlds thru crafting.  My older sister was an oil painter and I drooled over her supplies and talents.  In college I majored in Fine Art (Oil Painting), but soon found out that making a living by selling oil paintings was not all fun and games.  My biggest successes were selling in restaurants and furniture stores.  Even that came to a halt when expecting my first child, the odor from the turpentine was totally intolerable.  After the pitter patter of little feet went to school (BTW, oil and kids do not mix), I discovered the wonderful world of acrylic and have been an addict ever since!  My background in art continually encourages me to try new and exciting paints, mediums and techniques.  I enjoy non-traditional twists in my designs and have so much fun injecting unusual elements and mediums to create interesting results.  I absolutely love what I do and feel very blessed that I am able to design and share my wonderful world of art.

Anne Hunter

Anne Hunter is the owner of The Creative Touch, a Decorative Arts Studio, where she teaches decorative painting classes and creates exclusive designs for her own line of decorative painting packets and books.

   Anne has been teaching decorative painting since 1987 in her studio and throughout the United States. The venues she teaches at include the national conference of The Society of Decorative Painters and affiliated chapters throughout the US. She is a regular guest teacher at the Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA and Lexington Arts and crafts Society in Lexington MA.

   Anne designs and markets instructional painting packets, has authored fourteen Decorative painting books, and is published in leading magazines.

   Anne is an active member of the National Society of Decorative Painters and the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.

E mail: [email protected]


It all began in the late 80's for me when a good friend introduced me to the art of Decorative Tole Painting. Do you remember painting apples? Well, that was my very first project - a large apple slice! After just a few tries I was hooked and I loved everything about it! My family, bless them, patiently put up with years of paint brushes in the sink, and many, many projects at the kitchen table.

   Over the years I've learned how to be an artistic explorer. It's so fun! In one of my explorations with technique, I discovered a unique way to include colored pencils in my art and combine them with acrylics. ​Now several years into this method, you can find a number of mixed-media packets and kits available on my website. You can find other packets too - like a unique selection of acrylic patterns featuring a signature nutcracker line.

   Some little known facts - I live in the beautiful Puget Sound area of WA state, I create best when listening to Christmas music, documentaries are my personal favorite, I love art history - especially the people and stories behind the art, I'm particularly inspired by early American folk art. 

   When it comes to creating, it is my belief that we all have a deep yearning inside to create. I also believe creating can be a wonderful avenue to healing or simply a healthy escape from the day-to-day stress life can bring. Making time for art and teaching others to create has enhanced and blessed my life. Sharing innovative ways to paint and create is truly at the heart of my business.

Come visit me at:

Email: [email protected]





Angela Kennedy

I am a self taught artist. I live in Southern Oregon with my Husband and two sons. I can’t remember a time I didn’t do art. I have been a designer for Penny Black Rubber Stamps for almost 13 years. My favorite medium to work with is colored pencil over acrylic paint. I do a lot of mixed media portraits. They are my fave!




Pat Lentine CPSA,

I am originally from the Chicago area, but have lived in Florida since 1987.

   I have been drawing as long as I can remember. When I was raising my three children, I took an evening art class or two. I found decorative painting in 1976. After my children were grown, my husband and I moved to Florida. I was fortunate to belong to chapters both in Illinois and in Florida that brought many national teachers in for seminars. I took from many of the best and have a large book collection as well

   I started teaching at my dining room table shortly after we moved to Clearwater, Florida. We then bought a house with a teaching studio in New Port Richey, Florida. I held classes there for many years. I now live in Orlando, Florida.

   My designing started in the early 90’s. My first pieces were Christmas ornaments. I designed my first Santa as well as a few pieces with children.

   Then in 1998, I painted “Marina & Santa, A Christmas plate with my son as Santa and my granddaughter, Marina. This was my first published piece on the cover of PaintWorks in 2001.

   My passion since I was a teenager, has been painting young children. I now have 7 grandchildren who are the subject of most of my designs. As they are growing, I find I enjoy painting teenagers just as much. I have told them that I will graduate to adults when they do.

Amy Mogish,

My name is Amy Joanne Mogish, I design and create for the Decorative Arts. My journey began 27 years ago and I haven’t put my brush down since. My work has been featured in The Decorative Painter, Paintworks Magazine, Colored Pencil Art Play Date 2015, and thru patterns, books and workshops. I am a member of the National Society of Decorative Painters, Penn's Woods Painters and a DecoArt Helping Artist. My medium of choice is acrylic paint and colored pencil. 

  Join me for an artful journey of new designs, books, a booth at HOOT, Art Play Date Paint and Pencil, workshops, blogging and so much more….. I reside in Tamaqua Pa with my husband Jerry of 27 years.

You may contact me at [email protected]

My website, for artful blogging, workshop information and patterns.

Cindy Ohama

At the age of 18 I helped my parents open a craft store, shortly after opening I took a few classes in decorative painting and never put the brush down. Two months after my first class I began teaching in our shop and later I was published with four more books. Now I'm having  a blast putting packets out in several mediums.

   After painting in acrylics on anything that stood still long enough I got into Oil, watercolor, pastels and of course colored pencils which I absolutely love! I find colored pencils crazy easy to be layered and blended and I love that anyone can use this medium with ease and finish with a beautiful piece of art every time. 

   12 years ago I moved the shop to my home so I could start a family and still be able to teach in between hanging with my boys. My husband Jer and I have two incredible boys Tristin(11) and Nate (9) I love how enthusiastic they can be about  my newest art piece as they are also budding little artists.

   During my 22 years of teaching I have met some of the most amazing people. Some who have been with me since the beginning. I like to think I have shared and taught them many tricks and fun techniques and they have encouraged me and inspired me all the way as well. I wouldn't  be the artist I am today without them.

   The piece I am teaching has another element thrown in with the colored pencils. I have inked this piece first and filled in each portion with different  patterns creating a Zentangle or a Cin-tangle as I call it in my patterns. After inking I am able to  build up color and shading with the colored pencils while still having the ink define the hummingbird.

I'm looking forward  to sharing my technique with all of you and am super excited  to be a part of the Colored Pencil Play date.

Until then check out my Facebook page or for any questions contact me by e-mail at [email protected]

Tina Price White

I took art classes in highschool and then promptly quit doing any art once I went to work. I spent the next 30 years ignoring my art. Three years ago something woke up inside me, literally over night, and I knew I had to get to work and make up for lost time. I purchased a set of Prisma pencils on ebay, a couple of color pencil books on Amazon, some paper from Hobby Lobby and then proceeded to practice.

   Since that time, I have begun working nearly full time as an artist. I find that color pencils allow me to develop a high degree of realism, while still allowing me to keep a painterly feel to my art work. I like the ease if using pencils as well as the cleanliness of the medium: no major clean ups. 

I continue to strive to learn more everyday and I am thrilled to share what I have learned so far. I am self taught and have a lot of experience in making mistakes. I am only too happy to share these mistakes as well as some of the things that have worked pretty well. We will be working on a horse portrait in my web lesson.



Theresa B. Prokop

I am a self-taught Folk Artist. Although I didn’t have any formal training in painting techniques as a child, I painted on anything that didn’t move or moved slow enough for me to keep up with it. As I matured, my time for painting was limited by life’s responsibilities. Although I did find some time for painting personal decorations for my home and as gifts.My parents opened a small arts and craft store in their home, and I began teaching decorative painting classes there. My father was retired and cut wooden pieces for my sister and I to paint. We began doing art and crafts shows throughout New England. I painted decorative furniture, canvas and just about anything and everything.

   I am known for my original paintings in classical, primitive and folk art designs. My artwork weaves an intricate tale like an old storyteller. It captures your attention, imagination and your heart. My paintings hang in galleries, antique shops, historic houses, restaurants, museums & office buildings.

New England Folk Artist is a home-based studio that focuses on Folk Art designs. email: [email protected]

Golda Rader CDA, CZT

Hi Color Pencil artists. Thanks so much for joining this fabulous adventure. Our Art play date was fabulous last year and I am sure this also will be. I have submitted for you a color pencil fashion drawing with a color pencil mat. It is a relatively easy piece to learn how to scumble (color pencil term). Learn how to do folds in fabric with a little inking thrown in.  I will also demonstrate how to work one color in with another and how to choose the right shades for your artwork. I was very thrilled to have won my CDA (Certified Decorative Artist) in color pencil in 2014 (and to be the first one in CP). One special  resolution I have this year is to promote The National Museum of Decorative Painting in Atlanta. I serve on this board and I am very committed to see that it is here for many, many years to come. It is the ONLY way that we can guarantee that decorative painting will be preserved for many generations to come. If you are not a "Friend of The Museum" please go to their website and become one. If you do, email me and I will send you a "special" token of my appreciation. Let's get to painting....I'm ready.....are you!

email [email protected]


Lydia has always been involved in art in some way or other as a child and so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to anyone in her family that she would choose art as her career. She began as a secondary high school art teacher and enjoyed teaching teenagers for several years but as life happened she traded the high school student for the adult student. She has been teaching, designing and publishing for over 20 years now.

Lydia is proficient in many mediums: acrylic, colored pencils, soft pastels , watercolor pencils and oils. In any medium, her inspiration comes from her love of nature and her work as a foster parent at her local animal shelter. She is internationally recognized for capturing the beauty and soul of animals.

   Lydia is primarily known for the development of her signature fur technique using a filbert grainer and acrylic paint and has published many books, packets as well as a technique DVD. She has now turned her attention to exploring and developing techniques in colored pencil to achieve the same beauty.

   If you love animals, Lydia Steeves will help you develop your ability to portray them using colored pencil.


Kathy has been involved in the decorative arts field since 1979. She has studied with nationally acclaimed artists in several mediums and has done extensive work in the commercial and retail art fields, working on murals, furniture, faux finishes and accessories for award-winning interior decorators and national home builders as well as private clients. She has owned a retail shop, designed artwork for national advertisers, several art related magazines as well as teaching classes and workshops for studios, SDP Chapters and at national and regional art conferences.

   Kathy’s sisters are accomplished, award-winning quilters who have inspired her to paint with colored pencils on quilted items. The quilted table runner featured here is just one of the projects resulting from this joint interest.

   Kathy is available for custom designs as well as private classes and travel teaching. She resides in Tampa, FL with her husband. 

You may reach her at: [email protected]

Kelly Hoernig,

Some things you might not know about me. 
I have a very curious nature. Work best by moonlight. Create because I have to. Inspired by the details. Chase the muse everywhere. Excited by nature. Love a challenge.

   So far I have graduated with a fine arts degree. Worked in advertising. Traveled the US teaching and exhibiting in the decorative painting market. Have designed over 500+ pieces for publications such as books, articles and pattern packets. Have taken more than 10,000 photos. Became an international artist with my first e-course (more than 8 different countries). And am still excited to be creative every single day! 

   My favorite quote is by Erich Fromm, "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty."

23 multi teacher e-course