Kelly Hoernig

beautifully unexpected

Exploring Mixed Media


Mixed media is giving me the freedom to explore new techniques and figure out how to incorporate my style into each piece. Here are 6 pieces I just love and have made them available as a PDF/Video projects (look under SHOP for Patterns then Mixed Media Projects to find them). There is a butterfly, a bee card, fish trio, a pear, a violet tag and a dragonfly (both pictured below).



I have been doing mixed media now for the past 10 months and have to say I love the freedom it gives me in exploring my art. Here some pieces that I've created lately.

I am taking a journaling class that focuses on you and what you want your life to look like. So I took some baby photos of myself and manipulated them into my art. I am loving the connection of baby me with the exercises for today and the future.


I gave myself a just do a background challenge so I wouldn't overthink and plan everything beforehand. And, the results I have to say, I just love!




Feeling my spirit emerge from being rooted like a tree. Can you feel the creativity coming? I know I did!