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You are personally invited to participate in the Design Seminar partnership of Mary Jo Leisure and Kelly Hoernig!
Together we will creatively guide YOU into the wonderful world of design and inspiration. You will create art pieces that express YOUR voice, YOUR style and YOUR vision. Mary Jo said it best "Painting is an expression of one's feelings. It can take you to another place at another time. Art comes from your heart, mind and soul. My desire is for you to feel and experience the inspiration that is all around you." Together, Mary Jo and I have created art for many, many decades. We enjoy the endless possibilities of what the everyday has to offer making sure you stop to see the beauty of the ordinary. 

WHEN: APRIL 22-26, 2018

YOU will spend 3 full days and 4 evenings in the studio doing creative exercises, as well as design processes to bring your inner artist out and into the forefront. We will explore color, the principles and elements of design, learning to see and the importance of your mind's eye. Using what YOU love, how YOU think and how YOU want to show your artistic voice to the world is an exciting part of being an artist. Together we cannot wait to creatively guide you and nurture your artistic spirit.


3 full days will include a morning class with Mary Jo Leisure, an afternoon class with Kelly Hoernig and unlimited access to create in the open studio all evening. Lecture handouts, a journal notebook, and thought provoking surfaces will be provided for each class. The design seminar will include hands-on time with each student after every lesson to stimulate, encourage and walk through your design process.

The 4 evenings in the open studio with Kelly will be filled with creative exercises using resources to discover YOUR color palette, subject matter, mood boards and so much more. You will have plenty of time to work on your design aesthetic so when you return home to your studio you have a great direction to start creating!

Although Mary Jo and I create with different design processes, our designs couldn't be more different. We both agree that learning to see and being able to respond to the beauty around you is something that has inspired our art careers for decades. Developing, nurturing and understanding your personal style is what makes YOU unique in the art world. Our desire is to creatively guide you on a path to what is important and show you ways to design and create one-of-a-kind art that reflects YOUR style and YOUR artistic voice.

Participation is limited to 14 artists to make this a more personal, artistic experience for each and every one attending. There is nothing like a gathering of energetic creatives ready to do art that speaks to their heart and soul. Add a lot of laughter, pencil to paper and you have perfection in the making! We can't wait to be part of YOUR art adventure.


* 4 nights at the beautiful Cedar Crest Lodge located just 45 minutes south of Overland Park, Kansas and 4 miles east of Pleasanton, Kansas.
   Each double person bedroom shares a bathroom with the adjoining bedroom. 
The 7,000 square foot lodge sets on 113 acres of beautiful rolling hills,
s and ponds. There are 2 living rooms, 2 fireplaces, 2 decks and patios. An outdoor pool and fire pit are also available.
* Arrival and welcome introduction. Snacks,  dinner and unlimited beverages will be provided on April 22.
* Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and unlimited beverages will be provided April 23-25. 
* Breakfast will be provided on April 26 our departure day.


MARY JO LEISURE has created a body of work over the past 50 years that is not only impressive, but ever evolving. While her work may have changed over the years, the one constant is her subtle use of color - her warm and cool tones, her lost and found edges, and most notably, her distinctive softness. As you view her work, you can see how beautifully she marries design to object. This skill has been honed over a lifetime of painting until it appears effortless.

She has been involved in the world of decorative painting since 1960 as a teacher, designer, author, and lecturer. She has traveled the world sharing her incredible passion to design, paint, write, and teach. And students have traveled world wide to experience Mary Jo's coveted in person studio seminars firsthand.

KELLY HOERNIG has traveled many different roads in her art career and it has always been about creation and inspiration. She attended art school in Chicago, explored graphic art, decorative painting and exhibiting.  She has made countless treks across the United States teaching creative artists and sparking inspiration along the way. Kelly's online classes have propelled her into International waters and she is so grateful for the opportunity to present her designs and ideas across the world. 

She loves painting, colored pencils and realism as seen in her many authored works featured in magazines and published books. Writing, photography and watercolor are her current areas of study. She challenges growth, learning and herself daily. But most of all, she lives to inspire others, pursue an artful life, and tries to create something each and every day.


What you will receive:
* 4 nights lodging, 11 meals provided at Cedar Crest Lodge
* 3 full days, 4 evenings of teaching by artists Mary Jo Leisure & Kelly Hoernig

The total cost for the Design Seminar is $1798 per person.
An initial deposit of $600 (non-refundable) is due upon registration.
The 2 remaining balance payments of $599 will be due on March 15 and April 1, 2018.


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