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On Location:
Architectural Artifacts

What if you, as an artist, could be transformed?
Would you take the risk?

I created this series of destinations to awaken your artistic senses. Equipping you with an empowering and evolving toolbox to ignite your creative practice. So that you will never again struggle with the blank page.

  • Exploring a destination with an artist's eye.
  • Adding artistic tools to your toolbox.
  • Sketching on location.
  • Get your sketchbook ready, no blank pages allowed! 

Let's discover the world together, On Location!


Color Inspiration Series

Paper Palettes

COLOR? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you confident about your choices when creating art? Want to experiment but not sure how to go about it? Want to be adventurous and step out of your color comfort zone? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, this fun class will show you an exciting way to create a palette full of confidence!

Get ready to be inspired! Get ready to challenge yourself with new colors to play and experiment with! Get ready to create YOU in an all new paper palette! A transformation is about to begin, let’s go.


Postage Stamp Series, Floral Edition

This charming little series uses postage stamps as the inspiration. Together let's create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that reflect what you love. The color palette is chosen from the gathered images you pick making your series unique to only you. Added layers will create depth and interest letting your final handmade postage stamps details shine. 

There is 98 minutes of video total but I've kept them in little sections so you can easily follow along - inspiration, color, textures, postage, finishing.

This Series starts April 2, has lifetime access to the videos*.


The A-Z 123 Challenge

Creatively jump start the New Year with this exciting challenge. The prompts are subjects that start with the letters A-Z, how many you include 1, 2 or 3 is totally up to you. The medium and surface is up to you. A video on my surface preparation and some alternative suggestions. Technique videos will be included along the way. Get ready to start the year off great, creating art for 26 days straight starting January 24. There will be a Facebook group set up for sharing, encouraging and getting inspired by others. 

The ART Studio

As Your Creative Guide...
I am bringing a Fine Art approach to guide you as we embark on this New Year together. Let's focus on the positive, a clean slate, celebrate where you are today, explore the exciting what ifs. That is some powerful motivation to give all your energy to as you move into a year that has no story, no definition, just unlimited possibilities waiting for you. Follow your curiosities, your personality, your style but most of all your story. Come forth and show up into the art you make each and every time you create. Believe in yourself, who you are, where you want to go and what you want to achieve. YOU hold the key, believe in its power!


The 70 Days Art Challenge
I was totally inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and his last days. He created 70 pieces in 70 days before ending his life.  
I thought it would be a great challenge to push ourselves to find beauty all around us and create (sketch, paint, draw, doodle) for 70 days straight. I see this as an artistic practice that is meant to put us in the moment, give us time to play, practice and try new ways to capture what is in front of us. It is not meant to be great pieces of art, it is a way to get us to do, to see, to create without perfection. Spending 10-15 minutes each and every day will give us the practice needed to connect with our inner artist and let her explore the everyday surroundings of your life. 
This is now a self paced challenge with 70 prompts and over 20 art videos.

In the Garden: a Tunnel Book Course  (coming in October)

This course takes you on a journey of wondrous discoveries. Every single layer we add - texture, color and detail - leads your artistic  eye into another realm of hidden treasure and unchartered territories for your creative muse. This tunnel book creates mystery, delight and a sense of wonder for all ages. The act of book making, cutting the intricate tunnels then adding the beautiful colors of the garden takes you on an amazing adventure into the natural world of Mother Nature. Techniques: Creating the book. Cutting the tunnels. Tone-on-tone stenciling. Building soft acrylic layers with washes of color. Achieving realistic details. 

Vintage Wishes

Vintage Wishes, a colored pencil adventure is a complete course that features charming vignettes sure to fill your home with holiday delight.

This comprehensive colored pencil course features 8 beautifully designed compositions that include nostalgia, elegance and a touch of nature.  Each design will offer 2 paper suggestions as well as detailed instructions on working with the surfaces I have included. Exploring colored pencil and trying different substrates has been part of the excitement for me on this lovely course. There will be a coordinating 60 page book and pdf that includes the step-by-step instructions, drawings and sectioning maps, with many photos throughout the process. There is also 10+ hours of video for all the designs showing you how I work and details on each and every surface.  

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An Artful Life

I created this ART book full of creative elements as a THANK YOU to all the students I have met in my Celebration of 20 years as a working Artist!  To sign up today, click here An Artful Life E-course

Nature's Curiosities Tunnel Book

Create this exciting 6 page tunnel book from scratch. From one piece of paper we will construct our book, cut out our tunnel then add color to all of nature's curiosities. Starts June 6 with access to all videos. 

To sign up today, click here Nature's Curiosities E-Course

Colored Pencil Collage Book Bonus E-Course

Free video lessons that coordinate with my latest book Colored Pencil Collage, must have purchased the book to view lessons.
To join, click here Colored Pencil Collage Book E-course

Steampunk Series #1

If you missed the first time around, you will want to hop right in and experience the wonderment of painting, decoupaging, embellishing and just having fun playing with found items from the studio, garage or barn.

7 video lessons, self guided, priced at $69.95
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Steampunk Series #2

Want to experience mixed media adventure with a quirky twist?
Then you are ready for the Steampunk Series exploration!

6 video lessons, self guided, priced at $69.95
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