Kelly Hoernig

beautifully unexpected

Have YOU ever asked yourself...

Are you feeling bored with the art you are making?

Are you wanting to create your own art but don't know how to start?

Are you tired of recreating art that looks like everyone else's?

Do you want to jump start your own creativity?

Are you wanting to grow your art skills and techniques?

 Are you ready to find your own voice, vision and style?

Are you wanting to add design, composition and color that speak to you?

If you answered YES to one or all of them then I have a very special invitation just for YOU!

You are cordially invited to join me

in my 12 month online course "the ART Studio!" 

An exclusive opportunity for you to become part of an ART changing community for students, artists and creatives world wide. 

You have permission to take risks, be adventurous, explore inspiration and experiment until the art feels right to YOU!

During your 12 months inside the online ART Studio you will be guided to find your artistic voice, your vision, your style in self-expression with a monthly project assignment so we are creating as we learn. It's an in depth look into yourself though art and your creative process. Isn't it time for YOU to show up in your art? We will discover what's important to YOU. Show you how to develop your own design process, create a color palette unique to you and deliver art that tells your story. All of this inside a secure, nurturing online community with access to a private Facebook group that encourages and supports you along the way. The ART Studio is a place for all artists to find their wings and flourish!

What YOU can expect inside "the ART Studio"...
* An online community space that nurtures, supports and encourages its creative members with a dedicated studio for artists of all levels with
   inspiration, connection and creation at its core. 

* Monthly thought provoking prompts, assignments and challenges to spark your creativity and get you thinking outside the box and closer to
   your artistic voice.

* Developmental exercises to find your style, expose your inspiration, limit your color palette and make art that looks and feels like you.

* Technique videos on basic drawing, the elements and principles of design, creating color palettes and how to bring your curiosities and art voice
   to life in monthly projects.

* Monthly video topics such as creativity, inspiration, making art a business, challenges to keep your art fresh and living an artful life.

* Access to a private Facebook group that includes monthly live discussion on a variety of topics you will choose. Plus daily access to me for questions,
   creative guidance and endless encouragement. 

* Plus lifetime access to the entire course of PDFs and videos.

As Your Creative Guide...
I am bringing a Fine Art approach to guide you as we embark on this New Year together. Let's focus on the positive, a clean slate, celebrate where you are today, explore the exciting what ifs. That is some powerful motivation to give all your energy to as you move into a year that has no story, no definition, just unlimited possibilities waiting for you. Follow your curiosities, your personality, your style but most of all your story. Come forth and show up into the art you make each and every time you create. Believe in yourself, who you are, where you want to go and what you want to achieve. YOU hold the key, believe in its power!

Registration is open, click here!